Sunday, 21 November 2010

moksha caffe, Brighton, UK

Moksha is a relatively new establishment near the London road in Brighton. It has the feel of a chain with a highly polished but slightly sterile interior. So although large, roomy, nicely decorated and boasting some original artwork hung well, the synthetic nature of it took something away. The original review was lost to over enthusiastic paper recycling which is good for Moksha as it was not terribly positive, this time things were better.

Surprisingly smooth and with a good strength this coffee elevated itself over the standard station swill. There was the hint of something not quite right, possibly the beans were not as fresh as they could have been which resulted in an odd taste. At first there was no poor after taste, it went down well but suddenly I was caught with a tacky bitter taste in my mouth, thoroughly unpleasant. On top of the frankly crap cup that leaked everywhere this final assault on my person by my own beverage meant that the strengths were outweighed by the negatives.

  • Black Americano
  • Medium strength
  • Flavour slightly poor but smooth
  • A little crema
  • Large 
  • £2.10 (corrected from comments.)

Brewing with the high quality of Union beans I would expect more from what was a distinctly average cup. In a word, mediocre.
*correction - Need to check but I misreported and it is a locally roasted own blend served here.


  1. Are you sure you went to the right place? As Moksha does not have Union coffee, but locally roasted own blend so always fresh if you look behind the counter they have the date stamped on the bags.... It's my fav cafe. Also the americano is 2.10. get your facts right. If your cup leaked, why not ask for another one? Stop complaining so much on your blog.

  2. Thanks for the corrections, blog updated. I will pop by to check and will resample the Joe. Here is hoping for a better experience.

  3. Top review... i thought that the same