Monday, 4 October 2010

Mange Tout, Brighton, UK

This cafĂ© restaurant opens later than my normal walk to work so it is rare for me to get a chance to have a coffee there. I was the first person into the attractive modern airy establishment this morning, unfortunately there will still a strong smell of cleaning products in the air. 

The staff were smiling, calm and laid back; when the order came they leapt into action, swiftly with making the coffee. As this was their first coffee of the day I got beans as freshly ground as they can be, these beans where from the Small Batch coffee company.

It came overly large and this weakened the taste a little but overall it was strong enough and quite smooth. The Joe had a good oily sheen and the only real negatives were that I forgot to drink it right away and a slight overly bitter tang at the back of the palette.

  • Black Americano
  • Medium strength
  • Nice and smooth
  • Medium crema
  • Medium to large
  • £1.80

Not at all bad and certainly the best from this place so far. It even came with a tiny meringue. If I had requested it to be a little shorter this would have been a contender so worth another try for certain.


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