Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Blue Bird Cafe, Ferring (Worthing), UK

Cycling in a storm with my brother, each with a child lashed to our bicycles was a challenge. Our goal was to work our way along the seafront to a popular cafe. This dog friendly establishment was rammed with Sunday morning breakfasters, a slight steam in the air  from the condensations of wet bodies meeting warm air. There was a buzz of conversation and a fast service of hot food being brought from the kitchen.

The food was great, reasonably priced, locally sourced and they served chips that were not chips but incredible fluffy roast potatoes. The coffee on the other hand was poor. A cartridge based machine (I didn't catch the brand) which produced poor tasting, lifeless coffee. No aroma, that bizarre air driven crema and a taste closer to the last cup in a cafeteria and not the first of the jug.

  • Black Americano
  • Medium strength
  • Pretty tasteless but not offensive
  • Fake crema
  • Medium size
  • £1.80

Not very good coffee but go for the location, the food and the dogs.

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