Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Coffee Republic, Brighton, UK

Not blogged for a while but took the opportunity of having a final cub before departing to Sweden for two weeks. Coffee republic on the main Brighton Highstreet looked solid enough. 

The smell inside of an unwashed area should have been warning enough. The smallest mug was a Tall and it was a huge mug to contend with. A sweet aroma and plenty of crema seemed promising as iI started out. Due to the rancid inside I moved outside to the busy and baking paving stones of the western road. 

Like so many of these chain coffee's, the beans were burnt and all sweetness lost. This left a taste of tar and the slight tounge buzz of chewing tobacco. After a while I was left with lingering taster of mud. Strengh was undercernable, 

Tall Black Americano

  • Strength? Two shots. 
  • Burnt grit and earth
  • Ashtray aftertaste
  • Plenty of Crema
  • Massive cup
  • £1.80 (need to check this)

A horrible cup of joe. Don't ever try this. Seriously don't. I mean it.


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