Monday, 28 June 2010

Cafe Espegards, Gotland, Sweden

We found this small cafe open on our second attempt. A recommended family business (1 man, 1 wife, 8 daughters, man someone wants a son badly) from the Gotland food tour guide and just up the road from our cottage, I was confident of something special. 

We went through the Americano explanation again but this did not worry me now, and at this point the matriarch took over from the waitress and was our barista. 

The coffee came in a smart Lofbergs Lila cup. It smelt good, strong with a rich aroma but joyfully no burning. It looked just right with an oily gleam that you could just see like a slick under the crema. Taste wise it hit the spot but there was one issue, it was too strong. A rare complaint for me but I was overpowered by this cup.

Regular Black Americano
  • Extremely high strength
  • Overly strong taste
  • Good aroma, 
  • Small amount of crema
  • Perfect small cup
  • £2.50 (25K)

Served up alongside some scarily good home made berry pie (just like a crumble and we also tried the apple) and a wonderful setting this was undoubtedly a good coffee only marred by a little too much off the good stuff.

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