Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Cafe Ringduvan, Visby, Gotland, Sweden

Before we embarked on a round of supermarket shopping we popped into a little cafe built outside the city walls. The staff were not sure about what an Americano was but after a little translation we got there. Cafe is a filter coffee, svart is black so I just need to know what long is and then I'm there. They then had the good grace to ask me how much water I wanted; this was a great sign.

This coffee was about as good as I make it at home (not bad but not the best), perhaps slightly better. A little over espressed and lacking that bean sweetness but nice and short, strong and swiftly served. It sat especially well when gobbled up with a chokoladebull and a Dessirebulle.

  • Strong
  • Smooth not overly bitter taste
  • Little crema
  • Small cup- Bonus points for choosing level of water.
  • £2.00 (20Kr) 

Another good coffee. Not the greatest but very good. Another strike for the pearl of the Baltic, two for two.


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