Saturday, 23 July 2011

Competition: Cafe Coho Prize Draw Winners

The winners of the Cafe Coho prize Draw are:

Brianna Beck - 1st prize: 10 free coffees
Liam Kelly - 2nd prize: 4 free coffees
Lucy Fowler - 3rd prize 2 free coffees
Rachel Dey - 4th prize: 1 free coffee
Swisscub Janlove (Greg) - 5th prize: 1 free coffee
Simon Lewis - 6th prize: 1 free coffee
Tom Ewing - 7th prize: 1 free coffee

Well done to the winners and thanks to everyone who spread the word on Facebook and took part.

Joe will make contact to explain how you can claim your prize. Sorry this took so long.

The Review:

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