Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Red Roaster, Brighton, UK

Red Roaster is one of the older and more prominent coffee shops in Brighton. Situated near the bottom of St. James' street, it is a large establishment with plenty of light and is packed full of seating. It is very popular and is nearly always full.  

Red Roaster don't just make coffee they roast their own beans and supply many of Brighton's coffee shops. The beans are lovely and prepared to a very high quality. I've had these at home and in many other coffee shops in Brighton but the beans are only one part of it, the brewing makes a huge difference.

When I first moved into town I was told about them and it may surprise readers that I have not done a review to date. The simple truth is that I have drunk coffee there, I have bought beans there and I have deliberatly not written this review before. Why? Well I've not had a great cup of coffee from there and I was waiting for a great one.

Sadly this time was no different. This is not to say it was bad, it was just not fantastic. Although made with care and with a good strength and crema there is an off taste. My black Americano was marred with an issue of an after taste of slightly off creaminess.

I have to say I am not sure why this is the case. Perhaps it is a certain flavour that I am personally not a fan off and others are but for me it is a perfectly acceptable but not a great cup of coffee.

  • Double shot black Americano, drink in.
  • Very strong
  • Off cream tang
  • Dark crema
  • Size small - Asked for it in a small cup
  • £2.10

Strong competent coffee but with an off putting aftertaste.

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