Friday, 3 June 2011

Hudson & Bridges, Brighton, UK

Hudson & Bridges is a coffee shop and Deli on the outskirts of Kemp Town, it sits on the edge of the garden district. The owners also run the similarly themed Swan pub, which is just round the corner. I have to say I like the place although I think the decor is pretty terrible however the ambience is good, the staff friendly and attentive and most of all the products are great.

The food and the coffee is top notch. Lots of nice savoury and sweet things to choose from including bread from the Real Patisserie and nice looking pastas and pies to eat in or take away. I've drunk coffee here many time, it is solid , close to where I live and I like browsing Deli style produce.

Top marks for presentation as the coffee comes often on a board with just the espresso and a jug of water. I've only been to a few places that do this and I love it, I get it just the way I like it. It had a great aroma and I mixed it quite strong. The taste on this occasion was good but marred by a tangy after taste that I could not ignore.

Early rises you can get an espresso for a £1 before 9. 

  • Double shot black Americano, drink in.
  • Strong
  • Good aroma, slight tang.
  • Little crema
  • Size medium
  • 1.70

Normally a very good coffee, this last one held a little bitter tang but don't let this put you off. Best of all you get to choose the strength yourself.


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