Monday, 20 September 2010

Grills & Greens, Godalming, UK

Lovely Godalming is a picture postcard village in Surrey. Having lived in Guildford I always saw Godalming  as a nicer place to go when you got a bit older. Recently I went to Grills & Greens for a solid dinner before hitting the local pubs and wine bars. The food for pretty standard fayre, not incredible but by no means bad. We had the Malbec which was excellent and I went for the steak which complimented each other nicely. The service was friendly but very sleepy.

As much as I liked the place I did not the like the coffee. Although my friend rated the espresso I do not trust his sense of taste. Overly bitter right at the front of the palette it seemed stale and badly put together. I couldn't actually finish it but this was partly to being so full at the time as opposed to it being the worst ever.

I was a little worse for wear and did not take a photo. This photo pinched without permission from this lovely walking site. I will replace with one of my own soon.

  • Black Americano
  • Medium strength
  • Nice and smooth
  • Processed crema
  • Medium mug
  • £2.15

Really not very good coffee after an effort of good standing with the food.


  1. Brynley: permission granted! Come join us for a walk sometime -- David, English Country Walks

  2. Thanks David, most appreciated.