Friday, 17 September 2010

Buona Sera Restaurant, Clapham, London, UK

This espresso (and a beer too) was free as they processed our bill before giving us the drinks. This by no means will interfere with the review. This unassuming Italian seemed empty and a cheap and cheerful place to get a bite to eat before a night out. It certainly was cheap and cheerful but it had also much more to offer. By the end of the meal Bouna Sera was buzzing with people and conversation, the waitresses were pretty and polite, the chefs were doing tricks with the pizza dough and the pizza itself was fantastic. A great restaurant.

The espresso came in the daintiest of mugs. It was very dark and the crema was nearly black under the restaurant lights. It was strong and smooth but perhaps could have had a cleaner taste overall. The taste was still above average and maximum marks given for this Joe being the perfect size. It was tiny and by just giving me the oil and no excess water it gave the purity and strength that an espresso should have.

The thick crema could not be left and had to be spooned out by little finger; it felt like a gently bitter dessert at that point.

  • Espresso
  • Very strong
  • The taste was a little muddled but good
  • Crema like whipped cream
  • Tiny mug 
  • £2.00 (or free)

A very solid espresso with ridiculous amounts of crema. 

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