Friday, 6 August 2010

The Gathering, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

The gathering is I assume a chain and the one I visited was in Edinburgh Airport departure lounge. It was a disappointing coffee that looked and smelt the part. I had, perhaps due to travel dementia entered a fantasy where I had stumbled upon some well kept coffee secret. This could have been a coffee house with Monmoutheon proportions of quality. 

Sadly it was the same old story, over espressed, watery and overly bitter in after taste. The restaurant looked very attractive, modern, well lit and well designed. It was the coffee made large on their sign that drew me in and when it came out fast and hot with thick crema, I got excited. 

  • Black Americano
  • Strong
  • Water taste with bitter after taste
  • Good Crema
  • Medium cup but felt a little large (too much water).
  • £1.95

This Joe was deceptively strong and even had an oily gleam, I can't help but feel this was a coffee that had potential but the barista fell short and he fell poorly. Perhaps Nero's would have been better.


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