Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cafe Italiano, Brighton, UK

A tempting looking cafe on the corner of a semi pedestrian part of Brighton. The inside was basic but the counter was full to the brim of great looking home made Italian food. The stuffed gnocchi and the feta cheese focaccia looked like some awesome eating but this mission is about coffee and the black stuff one and only.

This was a terrible but classic “station” coffee, the kind that I have tried to avoid by creating this blog and searching out the independents. Why do so many places put coffee house on their sign when they cannot make good coffee? I want to legislate against it. Pretty awful stuff.

  • Black Americano
  • Medium to Strong
  • Bitter and gritty
  • Good Crema
  • Large mug
  • £1.80

An Italian café should make great coffee this one did not by miles but I would go back to try the food.

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