Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bambino (Volcano), Crystal Palace, South East London, UK

Situated on the Crystal Palace triangle Bambino is one of and possibly the best long serving curiosity and vintage stores in the area. Many moons ago I bought a massive mortar from here and another time a side board, both still in my possession. Relatively recently they gained a miniature café and brew bar manned by Volcano Coffee Works.

The great thing about these combo store & cafes is you get an ever changing and interesting view inside as well as some cool furniture to pitch up on.  Whether you like coffee or not this is a great store to visit and it felt a little like Brighton too boot.

Volcano Coffee Works have their roastery in South East London so this was truly a local brew. As well as the expresso based drinks they were also offering AeroPress and V60 drip throughs.

The pricing structure is the most simple I’ve seen and I liked it. Everything £2.00. Life should be easy.

The Long Black had  a good thick layer of Crema and my compadre Jeff opted for a flat white. The barista pointed out that they weren’t serving a blend but their Honduras Especiale SHG and what a good coffee bean it was. 

It was strong espresso, and I could choose how short I would have it with my own water on the side. The initial taste showed of a well rounded full flavour and a medium body. Starting bright and fresh this coffee soon gave way to sweetness and a warming Hazelnut flavour. 

There was a slight lack of clarity on the finish and after taste but not enough to disrupt an overall positive experience.

Long Black, drink in.
Small Size
Nutty & sweet flavour
Thick & dark crema
Beans: Volcano, Honduras Especiale SHG

Have a browse, have a great coffee; a fun place to go drink joe.

Volcano Coffee Works

External shots: Jeff Metal

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